Position Overview

The BI Applications Software Developer will work on developing and enhancing proprietary artificial and business intelligence software that lies at the core of ISC Advisors’ service offering. A successful candidate will work closely with the company President to understand client needs in the data management realm and use supply chain methodology to address them. We build enterprise solutions that help solve some of the most pervasive revenue generating, cost cutting and compliance questions facing our clients in the financial and asset management realm. This position focuses on machine learning tool development, business analytics and data visualization as applied in the context of these industries.


Develop artificial and business intelligence software. Perform data visualization and develop machine learning tools to understand ingested data and predict data quality expectations. Implement processes utilizing information supply chain methodology. Analyze and design databases using financial data and coordinate data visualization projects. Develop business relationships with clients in finance and asset management industries. Act as mentor to Technical Data Analysts. Use data visualization tools (D3, JavaScript, PowerBI, Bokeh), information supply chain methodology, and data analytics and machine learning (using Python and SQL).


Must have, at a minimum: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and at least one year of experience as a data analyst, applications analyst or related. Must have experience with each of the following: (1) D3, JavaScript, PowerBI, or Bokeh; (2) in-depth experience with information supply chain methodology; (3) Python; and (4) Microsoft SQL Server.

Send your resume and short story about yourself and what you are proud of, to job@plexifact.io. No calls please.